Welcome to Harmony Community Church! We are a Bible believing, Non-Denominational church committed to loving and leading everyone we meet into an everyday walk with Christ. Every day, every life and every heart matters here at Harmony! Come join us and become a part of the family!


Evangialism Explosion Launch- March 5th & 6th

  The Evangelism Explosion training teaches a simple effective way to evangelize to family, friends, neighbors, or perfect strangers. Come and learn this easy approach and technique to everyday evangelism you can use and share with your church congregation. Let's learn to effectively share the life saving Gospel of truth in our own back yards!

Register at evangelismexplosion.org

 -from the homepage click Ministries, then click Everyday Evangelism from the drop menu, click the Launch Schedule button below the summary, then click on Harmony Community Church and fill out the registration information.

See you there!  


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